Recently crypto has gained massive growth and recognition globally, the world at large has begining to accept the fact that traditional financial services has begin to fade out gradually as both governmental and non- governmental institutions has now started to embrace Cryptocurrency. As clock tick so as crypto moves from one level to another, It’s well observed that crypto is massively gaining huge recognition globally. Crypto has impacted positively well in nations Economic growth, the true fact here is that countries has now started to embrace it. Many nations has started digging out suitable ways of implementing and adopting crypto in their financial markets. Some countries nowadays has put in place now, well refined and structured institutions, governmental bodies that will help in implementing and Executing the activities of Cryptocurrency.

Crypto cannot be discuss in any ways without mentioning DEFi, simply put that “DEFi” is short for Decentralized finance. In other words, DEFi cannot be discuss without mentioning Blockchain. Blockchain is a shared, immutable Ledger for recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust. Looking at traditional financial services, there is some limitations that was inhereted inside it. But with decentralized finance “DEFi" there’s no such cases. decentralized finance is quickly rising as more secure, very transparent and also more efficient alternative to traditional financial services.

Secured by Blockchain technology, Decentralized finance will reduce the risk of fraud, corruption and Mismanagement of assets or financial services. To compare with other DEFi protocols in the Crypto market, OpenOcean is unique in its own ways. OpenOcean is the world’s first leading full aggregator which provides the entrance to crypto trading and pools liquidity from both the DEFi and CEFi.

OpenOcean is the only product in the market which offers crypto traders the best possible price with lowest slippage. In near future, OpenOcean plan to aggregate the majority of public chains and the majority of the Dex Ecosystem. Did this just blow your mind?, This will show that OpenOcean right now is simply the best protocol in the Crypto market. OpenOcean has successfully aggregated nearly 20 MainStream DEX providers from ETH, BSC, Tron and ONT and also help users to find the best swap prices by splitting them into paths to achieve best price and lower slippage transactions.

Let’s now look into the progresses and recent activities of OpenOcean finance.

The community ask for it and OpenOcean listened and Answered. OpenOcean has created a new staking program which has started since July 27th 2AM to ends on AUG 26th 2AM, 2021 UTC, where users can now stake OOE to earn OOE on OpenOcean Ethereum. Everyone is free to join this staking program, the staking terms is flexible and good. There’s no lock-up, you can unstaked at any time.

Program details:

Start: July 27, 2am, 2021 UTC
Network: Ethereum
Rewards: 100,000 OOE ( calculated
and distributed per block ) Duration: 30 days
Terms: no lock-up, can be unstaked at any time
Contract address: 0xb99d38eb69214e493b1183ffa3d561fc9f75d519

Guide on How to Stake?

First of all you need to understand what Single token staking is all about. It is a simple and easy way to make your OOE earn more OOE. As a user what you need to do, is to simply click “Vault” on OpenOcean to access and connect the wallet on Ethereum network. It simply requires you to stake your OOE and in return you will receive rewards.

What are you waiting for ? Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to earn more of OOE through staking your OOE on OpenOcean. Clock is ticking so fast, don’t be left out, join the moving train when you still have the chance.

Another amazing ongoing activity on OpenOcean is the OOE liquidity mining program. It is currently ongoing right now on OpenOcean finance platform. This program started on 10AM July 26 to end’s on 10AM Sept 26, 2021 UTC. The main aim of establishing the liquidity mining program by OpenOcean is to help bootstrap liquidity, encourage and drive adoption and build a community by distributing the OOE governance token as a reward to early User’s of the protocol, who are dedicated by providing liquidity.

Recently OpenOcean happily Announces the current development to extend the liquidity mining program with 1.6 million OOE in governance rewards.

Pool 1 — OOE/BNB
Reward allocated: 800,000 OOE
Duration: 2 months
Address: 0xa0b80538fe40660921ce9327879bd1156726d13d

Pool 2 — OOE/BUSD
Reward allocated: 800,000 OOE
Duration: 2 months
Address: 0x70f591e38ad52a1f99c1e055759f1f31bcf3732e

Attention, please note that current LP token stakers do not need to withdraw and re-staked LP tokens to participate — they will automatically receive rewards from the new program. They don’t need to worry, since it’s deployed to the same pools.

To participate in liquidity mining on OpenOcean BSC, OOE holders can transfer OOE from ETH or ONT to BSC via PolyNetwork. Go to OpenOcean Farms page and select “Poly Bridge” from the “Bridge” dropdown menu.

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is the world’s first and only DeFi & CeFi full aggregator. OpenOcean finds the best price, no additional fees, and lowest slippage for traders on aggregated DeFi and CeFi by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm. OpenOcean also provides users with APIs to support their specific investment strategy, and provide institutional investors with tailor-made user interfaces.

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